Let’s Talk FANTASY: Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas

I know, this series hasn’t ended, and the much-awaited finale is only going to come out in 2018. But I’ve just finished re-reading the first four books, plus read the latest installment, Empire of Storms, and I desperately need to let out what I’m feeling right now.

Throne_of_GlassFor those of you who have not encountered this YA high fantasy series, before I start spoiling everything… Throne of Glass is basically about a reputed 18-year old female assassin, Celaena Sardothien, who was slaved after being captured. She enters a competition to become the King’s Champion (basically the King’s royal assassin) in an attempt to get out of slavery… well, that’s how the story begins, but it turns out to become something much, much larger.


Well first and foremost, I want to make my stand about this whole Dorian/Chaol/Rowan problem. Celaena and Dorian were… alright. Celaena and Chaol were amazing. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t also love Aelin/Celaena and Rowan.

I loved every moment where Celaena and Chaol interacted. I swooned for Chaol. The moment when Chaol gave Celaena the amethyst ring; when he offered her his sword at the final round of the competition; when he told her to Get up during her fight against Cain; when he worried over her safety each time she left the castle as the King’s Champion. They were such precious moments.

But what he did (or didn’t) do that caused Nehemia’s death, and his reaction upon witnessing Celaena’s wrath each time she snapped… the moments when he showed his disgust or fear… They were quite unforgivable. Still, I held on to a shred of hope at the end of Crown of Midnight because she told him that she would always pick him. At that moment I was certain they were endgame.

But reading Heir of Fire made me want to turn away from Chaol. It wasn’t even that Rowan came into the picture. It was just… I just felt like Chaol would never be able to understand Celaena. And there were so many times I wanted to gouge his eyes out in Heir of Fire and Queen of Shadows because I felt he was just being rude and salty about everything. I know killing someone is an act you can almost never forgive yourself for, but Chaol, you have got to get over how many people Celaena has killed. She didn’t exactly choose to be an assassin. The Chaol I loved just wasn’t there anymore. (And yes I’m aware tons of people are probably going to hate me for this because I see Chaol fans everywhere on the Internet).

And whether or not Rowan and Celaena/Aelin make a good romantic pairing, you have to admit that they understand each other. That’s my favourite thing about them. Unlike Chaol, Rowan understands and loves both Celaena and Aelin. Sure, Rowan and Celaena/Aelin could’ve just stayed as good friends, but I feel like even if Aelin went back to Chaol or anyone else, Rowan and Aelin’s friendship would always get in the way, just because they understand each other more than anyone else.

I do have a slight issue with how Rowan is always doing what Aelin says and it gets on my nerve sometimes when he supports her even without really knowing her plans, but other than that I really have no qualms about them being endgame. Especially after what he did for her during that battle against Maeve in Empire of Storms! That moment when all the Whitethorn ships turned against Maeve… damn it, my heart!!… and it was so cruel of Sarah J Maas that Aelin didn’t even get to see it.


Right. I think I could write a whole 5000-word essay about the whole love issue in the series, but let’s bear in mind that it’s supposed to be a fantasy novel. Oh, which brings me to another point. Why must every single character be paired with someone else?!?!?!? Even though I do quite like the pairings, I didn’t think it was absolutely necessary for Dorian and Manon, or Lysandra and Aedion to get together. And Nesryn and Chaol… no. It also kind of disturbs me that every main character is beautiful or at least good-looking.

Anyway other than that, as a fantasy series, I do think that Throne of Glass has developed into something so much more bigger and complex, and I like how Maas has expanded the world, with more beastly creatures and previously unexplored areas of Erilea added.

I also think Maas’ characters are wonderful. It takes some time to warm up and even be interested in new additions, but Maas always gives them time to shine and now I love every one of them (especially the girls: Lysandra, Elide and Manon are all so kickass!!), love the dynamics in Aelin’s court, and I absolutely despise the people we are supposed to despise (Maeve is such a great villain!!!!!!!).

And the Empire of Storms ending was ingenious. So crazy. I can’t believe Elena ended up being the person to blame for this mess they’re in. So damn unthinkable that Aelin would actually ask Lysandra to pose as her if she dies. And that Lysandra would agree… And what in the world is Maeve going to do with Aelin? How are they going to get out of sacrificing either Aelin or Dorian to make the Lock (because I’m not going to forgive Maas if either of them dies)? I’m crazily looking forward to the finale, and slightly annoyed that Chaol’s novel has to come in the way and delay it.

But you know a book is good when it makes you read till 4.30am in the morning, and still be unable to sleep after because of all the lingering emotions and thoughts, so I can’t really blame Maas for writing a good novel.


If you actually read till the end of this whole post… I commend and thank you. Truly. It’s more than a thousand words. Please do feel free to share what you think about the series and the characters!! Would love to hear about it.


Next to-read: Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom. So excited to finally read it, hope I won’t be disappointed!


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