About Me:

I’d call myself a wandering soul, but physically I’m stuck in Singapore most of the time. I love change even though it makes me nervous. I love arguing and debating to learn multiple perspectives, as long as feelings aren’t involved. I love excitement and adventure. I love variety and trying a little bit of everything.

If I have free time and I’m not reading, I’m likely nursing a book hangover. Or eating. Or thinking about life.

Other than books, music is another art form that both soothes and thrills my soul.

What else… My Myers-Briggs Type is INTP.

And of course my life goals:

  • Write a book and get it published.
    • Progress: 0.0000001%
  • Have a crazy huge collection of books I love.
    • Progress: I’m trying
  • Find true love. Start a loving family.
    • Progress: NIL, but it’s still early
  • Always stay true to myself. Be genuine.
    • Progress: getting there

I also have an instagram for books: @blackandboldit, though I’m not a very aesthetic person and am a little lazy in putting in effort for that.

About the blog:

On the bookish side I post reviews, occasional commentaries on the life of a bibliophile, books I’m interested in reading, etc.

Other times I post randomly about my life or my thoughts, assuming that interests you.


Hope you enjoy my blog!


– Black & bold it.


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