My ambitious TBR for the next 30 days..

I have a towering pile of books that have been waiting to be read by me. Some of them have been waiting for so long that their pages have turned yellow/brown before I’ve even started to read them! I’m determined to significantly shorten my TBR pile before my first year of college starts, so I shortlisted about 20 or so books to read by the end of July. I’m pretty certain I won’t be able to finish the entire list, but I’m just gonna have to think of it as a challenge to overcome, or I’ll never get those books read.

Here’s my list, categorised by genre. For convenience, I’ve added hyperlinks to their Goodreads page, and I’ll embellish with a few sentences for the less known books and/or those that I’m particularly looking forward to reading!


This is the prequel to one of my favourite fantasy series, theΒ Books of Pellinor. I’ve probably said this a dozen times, but do read this series if you like Fantasy!! From reviews I’ve read, I think it’s best to go into this prequel onlyΒ after you’ve at least read the first book of the series,Β The Gift.

Novik’s Temeraire will be my first ever fantasy read about dragons! I’m really excited to give this one a go because I loved her standalone fantasy,Β Uprooted. Plus, I’m eager to be introduced into the world of dragons. Not only that, it has some historical bits as well as it’s set in the time of the Napoleonic War!


I’ve been putting this off at least 2 years. But this is a book with an interesting premise about China’s one-child policy, where the main character, as a midwife, is an unwilling enforcer made to perform abortion on women.

Ecstatic to do a second read of this book! I haven’t read Amy Tan for a while, so I thought it was time to do a re-read just to remind myself of why and how much I love this author.

I’m really looking forward to this one! Part classic, part historical romance and part family saga, this book is relatively well-known and highly rated (even has it’s own TV miniseries), but I actually learnt about it from a Chinese book I read maybe 5 years ago. I think this is going to be one heartbreaking and tearjerking story… which is honestly my favourite kind πŸ™‚ Just hope I won’t be disappointed!


At 1.4k pages, this is definitely going to be one of the longest books I’ll ever read. It’s a huge mountain to scale, but I’m highly motivated to do this; I loved both the musical and the movie, but I can’t proclaim myself a true fan of this story without even reading the book! Anyway, this must be a great book if it has an average rating of more than 4 on Goodreads despite it being terribly long, so I have high hopes.


I’ve had this for 3 years but only recently decided to start picking it up. How I wish I hadn’t delayed my reading of this book! It would’ve helped in my Economics exams… Still, I think this is a good book to read for anyone who wants to learn to make more conscious and clearer decisions.

This is a narrative-style book about Native Americans, about their philosophy and history, and about their conflict with the.. non-native Americans(?). I stopped about 100 pages in because I wasn’t in the right mood for it, but I’m looking forward to restarting and finishing this book soon. It’s both philosophical and spiritual, which makes for an enriching read.

Well… that’s all! It’s a long list and I’ll be glad to even accomplish half of it… I’ll update soon about my progress!


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