T5W: Authors I want to read more from

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme originally created by Lainey, and now hosted by Sam. You can read more about it on the Goodreads page. This week’s topic is on the top 5 authors I want to read more from!


1. Alison Croggon

Alison Croggon wrote my favourite fantasy series, the Books of Pellinor (which I shall do a review of soon). So obviously, I’m going to want to read more of her novels.

As a poet, Croggon has great linguistic skills and this is definitely shown in the Books of Pellinor where there are beautiful but verbose paragraphs about the landscape and scenery in her fantasy world. Unfortunately, this is also a reason why many people dislike her writing, finding it too wordy or slow-paced. So she has the kind of writing which you either love or hate (and clearly I love it).

Croggon also wrote Black Spring, a fantasy retelling of Wuthering Heights. It only has an average rating of 3.28 on Goodreads, but that’s not going to put me off from Croggon.

2. Brandon Sanderson

Sanderson is perhaps most known for his Mistborn trilogy, but he also has a ton of other fantasy books that deserve reading. I’ve read the Mistborn trilogy and love it, and I think he’s one of the most ingenious authors I’ve encountered. His plot twists are never predictable, and almost always unthinkable. No doubts to why I’d want to read more from him.

3. Sarah J. Maas

It’s true that Sarah J. Maas is predictable and writes slightly cliched stories, and it’s not like her stories and plotlines are flawless, or that she has a unique writing style. Still, there is a good reason why her books are so popular: she knows her target audience, and she knows what they want. Simply put, if you like YA, fantasy, and/or romance, then you’re bound to like her books.

Maas is always keeping me on my toes looking out for the next book of hers and I’m seriously hoping she continues writing more even after her two ongoing series, A Court of Thorns and Roses and Throne of Glass, are complete.

4. Amy Tan

I just love Tan’s storytelling. Although simple, her writing exudes a somewhat melancholic yet hopeful quality distinctive of her. I’ve only read three of her books so far: The Hundred Secret Senses, The Joy Luck Club, and The Valley of Amazement, but all three of them have made it to my favourites.

Tan’s writing focuses a lot on the relationships between characters and on finding hope amidst despair. She uses plain, everyday words to convey profound meanings. Her books are my go-to if I want to read something meaningful and deep.

5. Sophie Kinsella

Chick-lit is like my dessert of books. Also known as, the kind of book I’m always secretly craving to read, and the kind of book I would not hesitate to wolf down when presented in front of me. And Sophie Kinsella is undoubtedly the ULTIMATE Chick-lit author. Okay, truthfully, I haven’t read much chick-lit other than Kinsella. But that’s how good Kinsella is: I don’t even want to bother reading other chick-lit when I haven’t even read all of Kinsella yet.

So that’s the top 5 authors I want to read more from! There were other authors I thought of as well, but decided to leave out so I could make this list a little more diverse.

Have you or are you planning to read from any of these authors? How do you find them? 


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