Depression – World Health Day 2017

Hey guys! I want to use my blog to spread word about something else other than books and reading, so I decided I’d keep a look out for global awareness days and post more information about them on the day itself. The objective of this is to not only spread awareness about these causes, but also to learn more about the subjects myself.

The 7th April of every year is World Health Day, a global health awareness day sponsored by World Health Organisation. This year’s theme for World Health Day is Depression.

Here are some facts about depression that really highlight the need to spread awareness about this issue:

  • In many countries of the world, there is no, or very little, support available for people with mental health disorders. Even in high-income countries, nearly 50% of people with depression do not get treatment.
  • On average, it takes a person suffering with a mental illness more than 10 years to ask for help.

Perhaps the greatest obstacle in tackling depression and mental health issues is the stigma associated with them. Those who have never experienced depression will never understand it, yet we often use the words “feeling depressed” as if our temporary feelings of sadness are synonymous with clinical depression. It’s easy to tell them to “get over it” and to “think positively”, that they’re just being overdramatic. It’s easy for us who haven’t experienced it to say that depression isn’t an actual medical condition. But that’s only going to make things worse for them, because they’ll feel guilty and ashamed even though really it’s not their fault. So I think the most important thing for us to do when we have a loved one suffering from depression is to support them, without judgement. Encourage them to talk about what they’re feeling, and be patient with them. Do activities with them, encourage them to see a therapist… A support system is probably one of the most important things for recovery from depression.

And if you’re suffering from depression, please don’t be afraid to speak to someone about it!

Here are a few videos and links about depression that I found pretty informative:

World Health Organisation campaign page


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