Review: Woman of God by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

My James Patterson experience began in my childhood when I first read Maximum Ride. I loved it, loved Max and her flock, and honestly sometimes a great cast of characters is all it takes to make a good book. Anyway. Since then, James Patterson became one of my favourite thriller authors. I proceeded to read one of his Michael Bennett books, which my brother ended up liking more than I did (and my brother is NOT a fan of reading, but this only reinforced the fact that James Patterson was a great author). Then I attempted to read his Private series, which I read two of and stopped, and finally I read Invisible.
Perhaps I may get shot for saying this, but I did not entirely like his Private series, nor his Michael Bennett books. I merely psyched myself into thinking I enjoyed them because, well, I was supposed to like James Patterson. Or so I thought.
Woman of GodWoman of God was perhaps my last-ditch attempt to redeem his place in my booknerdish heart. Being an agnostic who has always been interested in religion and faith, the synopsis drew me in. (read synopsis here)
UNFORTUNATELY, this book was nothing like what the synopsis implied. I had thought it would be about the first woman pope and how she overcame challenges like people refusing to acknowledge her as a pope, evil schemes by enemies etcetc, but this was more about the life story of Brigid before all that pope fiesta (though I have to admit it was pretty interesting, very tragedy-ridden)
I think the pacing was good (the story spanned twenty years but I never felt that it was too longwinded), the story was unconventional, and there were always things happening. And I enjoyed JP’s dry sense of humour. But it was NOT an action packed thriller which I had thought I was going to be reading, so that’s the main gripe I have about this.
Otherwise, I think it’s maybe a 3.5 star read. It’s not amazing, but it’s not bad either.

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