Calling out to all book lovers!

One of my greatest desire as an avid reader is to connect with other like-minded readers to discuss books, recommend books, buddy read, etc. Unfortunately, I don’t have many (or any) friends who like reading as much as I do… hence my own book community is basically, well, non-existent.

So I’ve given it some thought and decided I will likely turn this blog into one for me to keep track of my own reading and also to post reviews, book tags etc because I want to get closer to the online reading community..

I also want to do some justice to the authors who have written my favourite books by recommending them to more people. That’s the slightest thing I can do for them, considering the HUGE favour they have done me by writing amazing books and creating amazing worlds I can delve into.

I haven’t hashed it all out yet, but I’m probably just going to start small by aiming for at least one post a week. It could be a review, a book tag,or maybe a Top 5 thing… then I’ll gradually start increasing the number of posts. Occasionally, I may also post random things like book quotes and other book-related paraphernalia.

So perhaps I’ll start here with a self-introduction aboutΒ what kind of reader I am.

  • Genres I love: Fantasy, all the time (when I want to escape reality). Romance, most of the time. Historical/Cultural, at times (when I’m ready for more serious reads). In particular, I looooove books that make me teary-eyed. I feel a lot in books.
  • I like to read books in a single sitting, if possible.
  • I love watching BookTube! When I’m bored I’ll just watch a random BookTube video, doesn’t even matter what the video is about, it’s bound to be interesting!
  • Collector of quotes.
  • Still dreaming of having a whole wall of books…
  • To me, books are precious babies that should never be mishandled.

Hmm, that’s about it for now. Please do comment and feel free to share what kind of reader you are! I’d love to reach out to more readers. πŸ™‚



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